Social Skills

“As a hallmark feature of Autism, Social skills deficits may occur in different ways throughout the lifespan.” – Dr. Wiley

Our center offers weekly social skills programs for children and adolescents diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and other diagnoses resulting in communication deficits. Many of the children with these diagnoses have social and behavioral deficits, resulting in difficulties making and maintaining friendships. Our center addresses these concerns by providing the children with the opportunity to learn appropriate social language skills in a structured yet fun setting. Additionally, students participate in monthly Community Based Outings (CBO) to facilitate generalization of learned skills in the natural environment

Take a Look at our Class Schedule

  • Monday: Drama Kings and Queens (ages 5-15, higher level social skills)
  • Tuesday: Traditional ATeam (ages 6-18, moderate levels of functioning)
  • Tuesday: Job Social Skills (ages 18+, currently employed)
  • Wednesday: Pre Social Skills (3-6, early social skills development)
  • Friday: Teen Social Skills (ages 14-18, high level social skills)

Program Highlights

  • All classes are led by licensed SLPs
  • Students matched by age, ability, and level of maturity
  • Virtual Weekly Classes, 2 hours/session
  • Funded by Regional Centers

Program Details

  • Weekly Parent Debriefings 
  • AAC Social Skills Class
  • Building meaningful relationships
  • Manualized Evidence Based Approach
  • Focus on age appropriate verbal and nonverbal conversational skills 
  • Emphasis on mindfulness, movement, meditation, and relaxation
  • Weekly Parent Debriefings

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