Drama Kings and Queens

“Students with Autism have amazing talents in the arts!”– Dr. Ashley

Drama Kings and Queens is offered as a 6 week summer intensive and weekly summer social skills program dedicated to facilitating social, emotional, speech and  language development, and confidence building in students ages 5-15 with Autism and other social cognitive deficits. Each year our summer program attracts students from around the world looking to grow and develop. This amazing experience culminates in a professional musical theatre performance for crowds of 300 plus. 

Ideal Participant

  • Follows directions given minimal support
  • Willingness and/or interest in learning how to better engage and socially interact with peers and adults
  • Verbally proficient
  • Subtle or obvious interest in the performance arts

Program Highlights

  • Evidence Based Practices facilitating noticeable improvements in students year after year.
  • Social Skills classes are weekly for 2 hours throughout the year
  • Students work with world renowned vocal coaches and choreographers daily
  • Weekly field trips include exclusive visits to various network TV sets and theatrical experiences

Program Details

  • Weekly Parent Debriefings 
  • AAC Social Skills Class
  • Building meaningful relationships
  • Manualized Evidence Based Approach
  • Emphasis on conversation skills at all levels of the program
  • Emphasis on mindfulness, movement, and meditation

Due to the nature of the program, a virtual audition day will take place for interested students Friday April 23rd at 3:00pm PST. 

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