The President's Corner

Pamela Wiley, Ph.D.
Fellow, American Speech Language and Hearing Association

Spectrum Shield: ASD Law Enforcement Training

The Lessons Learned Background On January 11, 2017 I wrote a blog stressing the need for targeted law enforcement training to ensure the safety of young adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This was prompted by my participation on a panel discussion...
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ASD and Law Enforcement: Safety First

              The Facts It is estimated that it costs 2.3 million dollars over a lifespan to educate a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). With the incidence of autism being 1:68, a significant investment is being...
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10 Tips to Finding the Best Summer Camp for Your Child with Special Needs

I recently accompanied my niece and her 8 year old daughter to a classmate’s birthday party. I sat in amusement as I observed the young mothers who had gathered together to talk about summer camps for their children. One mom recommended a trendy camp...
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Attacking Social Interaction Problems Across the Lifespan

In my private practice, we are often asked by our funding sources when our children with ASD will no longer need social skills instruction. I often feel a sense of “indirect or subtle” pressure to discontinue the service and declare that this child...
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The Infinite Potential of ASD

In January, 2014 The Wiley Center received a $5000.00 grant to provide our 3rd annual Prevocational Social Skills Training program to teens and young adults with ASD. This grant enabled us to include 6 new participants who joined our previous group of...
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During my 35 years of providing a speech and language family centered approach to treatment, I seldom have the pleasure of talking or working with Dads and when they are present they rarely engage in conversation regarding their child. However, on those...
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