Dear Dr. Wiley,

Thank you so much for accepting Angel into your wonderful summer program. She is having such a good time and creating wonderful memories. My family and I are grateful for this experience and your kindness. Thank you again.


Cynthia Morgan


Dear Dr. Wiley,

I would like to take this time to express my gratitude for the awesome work you are doing to help children in our community. My son Daniel, a 16 year old with autism, has been attending your facility for about 1 year. The progress he has made has surpassed my expectations. Every week he looks forward to attending. It is truly evident that everyone at the center does their job from the heart. Thank you for caring. You rock!

Cheryl Davis


Dear Dr. Wiley,

We think about you often, always grateful for the incredible impact that you have had on our lives. We wanted to share some tremendous news with you about Daniel, especially since you and your staff provided the foundation that makes all his future success possible. Daniel is currently in 6th grade. He is in a regular ed classroom and has a dedicated assistant and received resource services for reading and math and speech therapy services. For the 2nd quarter, Daniel earned 7 A’s and 4 B’s. But the even greater news is that he made “Honor Roll” for the 1st time ever in his school career. Daniel is really doing well. Thank you for your part in his success. Keep up the great work and always know that you hold a special place in our hearts. We hope the news is as encouraging to you as it was to us.

Love, Lauren & Michael Bennett – Parents


Hello Family and Friends,

I must share how proud I am of my son, Joseph. Many of you have known him since he was a baby and know the hurdles that we went through when he was diagnosed with autism at the age of 9 but I want you to see how GOD shows up and shows out when you just turn every battle over to him. Joseph joined the track team last year as a 9th grader and never ran track before. He is now a 10th grader and yesterday he made it to the LA City Finals and took 1st place as a school in the AA Division and Joseph broke 3 city records and came in 1st place in all events that he participated.

To God Be the Glory
To GOD be the glory and thank you all for your love, prayers and support.


Dr. Wiley,

We couldn’t have shared this story without all of your help and support and I truly appreciate it. We thank you and your fantastic team for our New Social Joseph.

Tammy Banks


Dear Dr. Wiley,

I don’t have enough words to thank you. You really make a difference in my child’s life and bring hope in my life too. Thank you so very much for your kindness and your good heart. You are beautiful!

Love, David P. and family


Dear Dr. Wiley,

We wish to share with you how grateful we are for your Summer Speech Program, and especially with Ms. Andrea and her whole team. As Dylan finishes camp, we are sad, but very thankful for the marvelous results in him. His behavior and speech improvements are great. After the first week  I had tears of joy one afternoon, when I came early one day to pick him up and, surprisingly, saw him seated and listening to Andrea reading him a story. His speech and clarity have also improved noticeably. You sure hired a great team. Thank from our hearts.

Parents of Dylan “2007” Say N’ Play


Dear Dr. Wiley

I’m writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude for your Say N’ Play Summer  Speech Program. The activities and services you provide, along with the professionalism and dedication of your wonderful staff, makes your program far superior to any other summer program providing services for children with special needs.

Each year that our son has attended your summer program he has responded with phenomenal progress in speech, language development, socialization, and comprehension. His improvements far surpass all of the progress that he makes throughout his entire school year. So prominent that it is noticed and commented on by family, friends, and teachers.

As a parent of a child with autism, words can’t express how I feel to see Cody eagerly participate in your group activities and make friends. Or to see Cody display the same excitement when going to “Say N’Play” that he shows when going to Universal Studios or Disneyland (His favorites).

Your summer program has been like that hand out of the crowd when you think no one else is paying attention to the fact that one is in need of help. God has blessed my family when he placed us in your path. You and your staff have made a beautiful wonderful difference in our lives. God bless you.

The White Family – Parents


Dear Dr. Wiley,
You and the incredible company you have created has been a large part of my education. Thank you for the opportunity to work and learn under such extraordinary leadership.


Shirin A.


Dear Dr. Wiley,
Nothing I can say will ever convey the amount of gratitude I owe you for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to be a teacher this summer. This experience has taught me countless
lessons that will only strengthen my future as a speech pathologist. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will always admire you for your kindness, grace, and philanthropy.

Kind Regards,

Danielle U.


Dear Dr. Wiley,
I just want to express my gratitude to you for giving me this amazing opportunity. This has been one of the best experiences of my life. I have grown and learned so much in these past few
months and I feel that I owe it all to you. I feel as if I have been welcomed into a family of loving and caring people. Working here has taught me so much about myself, about speech, about
autism, about professionalism and the list goes on. Thank you for making me feel like I’m a part of the team.


Jackie A.


Dear Dr. Wiley,
I would like to thank you for giving me so many opportunities at LA Speech. Not only have I gained valuable experience, but I have grown so much by having worked with you and your team
of professionals. These children are extremely privileged to be under your care. Your selfless care and love for these children has been such an amazing example for me. Thank you again!



Dear Doctor Wiley,

Thanks for being the coolest program Director.

From Zach (11yrs) – 2007 Say N’ Play Participant


Dear Dr. Wiley,

Hi, how are you? I have to tell you something. Do you know “ J” in my room? He talks too much. He talks at class time, snack time, lunch time, movie time, work time, art time, science time, game time, drama time, and story time. He interrupts, whispers, goes off topic, makes annoying sounds, yells out loud when he’s not called to talk, and hogs the conversation. I tell him to be quiet, but he talks like he doesn’t care. Sometimes when I tell him to be quiet I have to get in trouble. Can you stop by and stop this problem? Thank you. See you tomorrow.

Lena M. (9 yrs) Say N’ Play Participant, Social Skills Participant