Dr. Wiley has authored a 4-part program, Autism: Attacking Social Interaction Problems (AASIP). The program provides a comprehensive, practical approach to teaching social communication skills across the life span to individuals with moderate to high functioning ASD and other diagnoses which result in social communication deficits. Children will enjoy engaging with their peers as they increase their confidence and learn how to become social communicators.

The AASIP program offers four books for children ages 4-9, 10-12, the teen years, and a pre-vocational training manual for individuals 17 years to adulthood. Lessons include objectives, materials lists, and activities; the manuals include real-world examples; and video content is included with the Pre-Vocational Training Manual for Ages 17+ book.

The bundle of four books is now available for sale through Plural Publishing.

Click here for a sample lesson on Acing the Interview.

Below is a video associated with the sample lesson of Acing the Interview